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About Us

Luxury45 Brands was created in 2016 out of the thoughts and vision of a licensed pharmacist.
 Her professional knowledge of pharmaceutical extractions led her to identify products that produce desired results.
 She recognized that the demand for high end luxury beauty care products and cosmetics transcended products that could be purchased online.
 The quality of Luxury45 Brands products represent the essence of opulent indulgence and can be purchased online in the privacy of your home.  
Highly desirable cosmetics products before Luxury45 Brands were difficult to obtain through normal channels.
 Let Luxury45 Brands become a magnificent obsession to compliment your splendid lifestyle.
Luxury45 Brands is a cosmetics and skincare line composed of all- natural ingredients based products 
Our purpose is to create products that serve their cosmetic utility while enriching the well-being of the body. The body is a temple, It must be treated as such.
At Luxury45 Brands we honor this in our inclusion of wholesome natural ingredients such as coconut and
other organic ingredients with the exclusion of harmful chemical-ridden ingredients.
 The constant improvement of our customer's health is our passion and we aspire to instill this passion in every drop of our products.